Alipay Cross-Border Online Payment for WooCommerce


The largest payment gateway in China is Alipay, with over 700 million users and it is definitely larger than Paypal. Alipay is also accounted for roughly half of all online payment transactions within China. It is very obvious that, even if your business is not within China, to sell into the Chinese market, Alipay is the gateway to have.

For those eCommerce website OUTSIDE of Mainland China to accept payment from residents and businesses inside Mainland China, you first need to register an “Alipay Cross-Border Online Payment” account from Alipay official website (

After the account activation, there are a few options to allow your business to start accepting payment from Alipay. One of the simplest ways is to use WordPress WooCommerce (It is the most popular eCommerce tool) to build your online store and install Alipay payment gateway plugin. If you already have a store that powered by WordPress WooCommerce, you can directly enable Alipay by just installing a plugin.

Instead of spending time and cost to develop your own plugin, there are 2 plugins in the market that provide Alipay Cross-Border online payment integration.

Since both plugins provide similar features, depending on your budget and preference, you may choose either of the plugins.

Note: In case you are purchasing the plugin, please make sure that you are buying from the official store at WooCommerce or CodeCanyon. Purchasing pirated/illegal plugin from a non-trusted store not only does not come with any support, it might also harm your business by allowing a pirated software to handle your payment.

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