3 Reasons for Malaysia SME to Increase Sales via Mobile Website

2016 is going to be a challenging year for Malaysian economy, fueled by the economic slowdown in China, the drop in commodity prices, volatility of the global financial market, and the strengthening US dollar. With these challenges ahead, SMEs Malaysia who can utilize technology with lower operational cost, to reach out wider domestic or even global market will become more competitive, and more likely to survive better.
The lowest hanging fruit in front of us is to rebrand your business in mobile. If you are still running your business with a website that was designed in 2009, rebranding it to mobile-optimized is a must to capture more sales and business opportunities from mobile users. Here are the top 3 reasons to do that.

Everyone’s is on mobile now

Today, an incredible 80% of all internet users use a smartphone and 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices. In other words, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones. Your potential customers and business partners are one of them. They are using smartphones or tablets to research potential purchases or partners. Since the amount of online information is exploding, if your website is not mobile-friendly, people will skip your site immediately. It is indirectly asking them not to reach out to you.

More online traffic from Google

Google is now including mobile-friendliness as a factor in mobile search result rankings. That means if your site is not mobile-friendly, its rank could go way down. Your potential customers or business partners might not even know your company exists if they search via Google. Because of Google’s latest major algorithm update, the company enacted significant penalties for websites failing to meet its standards for mobile-friendliness. If you are serious about improving (or simply not losing) your traffic and potential business opportunities from Google, you need to optimize your website for mobile.

Social media referrals are on mobile

91% of mobile internet access is used for social activities. As social media continues to grow and evolve, it’s finding its primary hub on mobile devices. If your business involves in social media marketing of any sort, there is a better than average chance incoming traffic will be accessing your site via mobile devices. An unresponsive site can negate your content marketing efforts and waste your paid advertising dollars. If you want to take full advantage of your social audiences, you need a site designed to seamlessly catch their social browsing click-throughs.


Rebranding your website to mobile-friendly (Or building one if you don’t even have a company website yet) is definitely not the only solution to address all your business challenges in 2016. It is a trend that already happening around us, which is worth to start investing little as an alternative source of business opportunity for your company. Eventually, it might be the core engine of your company, but it is up to you to find it out.

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